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2018-19 HHS Honors Spanish Second Year Application Due 1/9/18 at 11:55 pm

If you are interested in registering for this course, you must:

1. Have a grade of “A-” or better in Spanish First Year;
2. Complete the application (including a 100 word essay in Spanish);
3. Have your Spanish First Year teacher’s approval
4. Register for Honors Spanish Second Year in mid January
5. Upon acceptance, attend a mandatory meeting in June.

In June, your grades will be reviewed and you will only be notified if you are not eligible to be in
Honors Spanish Second Year. In addition, after each year of participation in an Honors Spanish
class your teacher will be asked to recommend you for the following year. (You do not need to

Your teacher will consider your achievement (grade earned in class), attitude and
effort. You will be notified if your teacher does not recommend you to continue in the Honors
Spanish program.

If you do not complete this application in one sitting, you need to click on the "Review and Submit" button. This will allow you to review your answers. Next, click on "Submit". You can then go back and make changes at another time. You can submit as many times as you want until the due date.

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Student Information

You have now begun the application process. Click Submit (save) to insure that you save your work. This will give you the option to return to your application if you do not complete the essay
at this time.
Why are you interested in enrolling in the Honors Spanish Second Year class? *
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What are your learning goals for Spanish? *
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What do you believe makes you a good candidate for enrollment in the Honors Spanish program? *
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Write the following letter in Spanish, by yourself. You may use a dictionary or your text to
complete the task. Do not use a translator or plagiarize. If use of a translating program is
suspected, your application will be in jeopardy:
Write a letter introducing yourself to a pen pal. You may include physical details, personality
traits, your interests, your classes, what you like to eat, etc. The letter should be at least 100

Begin with.... "Querido/a" and end with ....."Sinceramente (y tu nombre)." *
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Student Expectations
Learners in this course are presumed to have motivation to improve their skills as well as an
intermediate ability in the four skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening of Spanish along
with cultural awareness and sensitivity gained during the beginning Spanish Course. High
standards, good work habits and a positive attitude toward learning are the fundamental elements
for success in Honors SpanishSecond
Do you agree with these expectations?
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Before submitting....MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE BOX MARKED "SEND ME A COPY OF MY RESPONSES> If you want to go back and make changes, you MUST click on the link in your the email sent to you with the responses. Yo can submit as many times as you want up until the due date from that special link. 1. Click on the "Review and Submit" button. 2. You will be allowed to review you answers again. Click on " Submit" and you are finished! (Don't forget to check the box marked "Send me a Copy!")
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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