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Parent Survey – Gifted and Talented (2017-2018)
Your child has participated in Simpson County’s Gifted and Talented program this school year. We would appreciate your feedback to help improve our program for next year.
What school does your child attend? *
Select your child’s area(s) of identified giftedness *
The classes that serviced my child’s area(s) of identification provided an appropriate level of academic challenge this year. *
The GT services my child received have had a positive influence on my child's attitude toward school.
Did you have input in the creation of your child’s Gifted Student Services Plan (GSSP)? *
Do you feel like your child’s GSSP (Gifted Student Services Plan) gave you enough information about how your child was being serviced? *
Please list any suggestions you have for improvement of the GSSP.
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Did the GT Progress Report adequately reflect your child’s progress in his/her area(s) of identification? *
Please provide suggestions for improvement of the student GT Progress Report.
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How do you become aware of opportunities for your child? *
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Is the Simpson Co. Schools gifted student identification process clearly communicated to parents? *
How can we continue to improve the Gifted and Talented services and opportunities we provide for Simpson Co. students?
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