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KOXY Radio Support Request Form
KOXY receives many requests for sound and music support throughout the school year. This form is meant to be a straightforward and accessible way for students, clubs, and departments to get help from or collaborate with KOXY at campus events.

Our staff has the skills and resources to provide anything from a simple microphone set-up to sound support for an entire live band. We hope that by offering our services we can foster close, mutually beneficial relationships with clubs and departments at Oxy.

Please give us two weeks advance notice, as sound engineering takes time and preparation. Requests sent less than a week from the event might not be recognized. In any situation where KOXY sound equipment is used, we will have knowledgeable staff present to operate it. We do not rent out sound equipment.

If you have any questions, email !

What is the event? Who is presenting and/or sponsoring it?
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Who is the primary contact for the event? Please provide a name and email. We will use this email address to follow up on the request.
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Please provide the following information about the event: date, time, duration, location, and estimated number of attendants.
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What kind of service are you looking for KOXY to provide? Some possible options are speakers and a microphone, a simple DJ set-up (music not provided), a DJ set-up with music provided, a vinyl DJ set-up, sound support for your live performance, or sound support for a live performance that we provide.
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If there will be promotional materials or announcements for the event, would you be willing to include KOXY's name or logo?
Is there anything else you'd like to us to know, or would like to ask us about?
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