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FYSE 1002 Get to know your library & a real librarian
You're not new to libraries, but you are new to the Middlebury College Libraries. By the end of this quiz you will know how to find things for papers and assignments, and what to do when you need help. You can win prizes too. ✨

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Meet a Librarian.
Every department has a librarian. This means that whatever course you’re taking, you have a personal librarian who can help.

Visit the Library at go/library and look for "Ask a Question."

You can email, text, or make an actual phone call for help from here. 
Research Guides
Next, you should know about Library Research Guides at go/guides.

Research Guides will help you find books and journal articles, format citations and bibliographies, come up with research topics, and more. There's one for every department, and more.

Question 1. Choose a class you're taking this semester. Find the guide for that department. (For example, if you're in a Psychology class, find the guide for Psychology.) Tell me the name of your class and the name of the Librarian listed in the Research Guide below.  *
How to Find Books 📚
Books are still important!

At Middlebury, there are two ways to locate books: LibrarySearch and MIDCAT.
Find it at go/LibrarySearch.

LibrarySearch is sort of like Google. It searches everything in the library like books, newspapers, journal articles, and movies. It's a great place to start your research.

Another way LibrarySearch is like Google is that it likes keyword searches and helps with auto spelling corrections and it makes auto-suggestions.
Find it at go/midcat

MIDCAT is the "classic" library catalog. Use it to find items in the library such as books (print and ebooks), movies, etc.

MIDCAT is best when you know what you're looking for and can search for a title, author, or subject. You'll get fewer results in MIDCAT than in LibrarySearch (it does not search journals or newspapers, for example). MIDCAT won't help you with misspellings or auto-suggestions either. 🧐

Question 2: You're reading Lila Abu-Lughod's book Writing Women's Worlds. She wrote another book called Do Muslim Women Need Saving? Can you find it in the library? Look carefully at the catalog record for Subject Terms. Choose one, and enter it below.
Question 3. Can you find a book in the library about Muslim veils (Hijab) in Sub-Saharan Africa?  If you find it, choose the title of chapter four from the list below. (Spoiler alert: You don't need to take the book off the shelf to answer this question.)   *
A Tale of Two Libraries 📕
Middlebury has two libraries. The Davis Family Library (where you'll meet me) and the Armstrong Science Library, in Bicentennial Hall. Armstrong is a great place to study. There's no quiz question associated with Armstrong, I just wanted you to know. 🤩
What are Scholarly or Peer Reviewed Articles?
The term scholarly article or peer reviewed refers to an article published in an academic journal, reviewed by professors and experts in a field.

Super Short Video to Watch: Peer Review Journals and Periodicals 📺
Just over a minute! Watch and then answer the question below: 

(Mini Quiz.) Which of these are true about periodicals and scholarly journals? (#quiznotquiz) *
How to Find Articles
Start at LibrarySearch go/LibrarySearch.

After your search, you can use filters on the top of the page to limit by date range, online full text, and more.
Google Scholar
Another way to find peer reviewed articles is Google Scholar

Be sure to look for the Google Scholar Settings and add Middlebury College to your Library Links. (We can go over this together too...) Remembering this step will make it easier to get your hands on interesting articles and ebooks without being asked to pay for them. 💸
What if the Library does't have what I need? 
This will happen! The Library can help by borrowing a book or journal article from another library.
We call this Inter Library Loan, or ILL. You can learn more at go/ill

We talk more about this when we meet too. 🗯
Another short video, this time starring Middlebury librarians and students.
"Citation For People Who Hate Citation" Click to view fullscreen in YouTube. 📽
Question 4: Can you find an article in the Journal of International Women's Studies about the role of gender in peace-building and conflict transformation in Israel and Palestine?

Copy the article you found below using the Chicago citation style.

*Tip: in MIDCAT and LibrarySearch, there's usually a link with the proper citation style. *Look for an icon, like a quotation mark " or the written tip "Cite this" 
Question 5. (You're almost done!) Can you find a graphic novel about a South Indian-American teenager named Priyanka and a magical shawl that reconnects her to her Indian heritage?

Paste the Chicago citation below. 

Next, find the book on the shelf, and take a #shelfie.  (What's a #shelfie? It's quick pic of you and your books. Your face can be in the photo, or not. Totally up to you. I just need to know you found it.)

Leave the book on the shelf, and email your photo to me:
Last question. If you found the book for Question 5, you're very close to the Research Desk. This is where you can find help when you need it next.

You're visiting me on a Monday. What are the Research Desk hours on Mondays?

*Tip: You can also visit go/hours to find out when the Libraries open and close.
Bonus question. (This is extra credit.) The library is over 220 years old and has millions of items. (The Davis Library alone is almost 3 acres.) I know I didn't answer all of your questions. Add one question of your own and I'll try to answer it in class.
What to Do When You're Not Sure What to Do
Middlebury librarians are here to help. 

Contact a Middlebury librarian via email, text, or chat at go/library and go/askus.
That's it. 🥳
Hit "Submit" below. See you in Special Collections.
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