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Volunteering and Community Service
Please answer the following questions regarding the benefits of community service and begin brainstorming ideas about how to meet your 10 hour minimum service requirement for the semester.
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Visit the following website, and answer the questions that follow
According to the video on the top right, what are the benefits of volunteering? *
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According to the video on the bottom left, what 3 things does volunteering do for you? *
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As we look for ways to volunteer, it is important to understand that it not only helps build your resume and experience but also adds to your college apps.
Take the quiz on the handout provided, and score your quiz afterwards. What is your style and In what area does it say you should volunteer? *
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Do you agree with this quiz assessment results? Explain. *
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How do you plan to meet your 10-hour minimum this semester? List at least 2 possibilities if you don't already have a concrete plan. And I don't know is not a valid answer. *
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Remember this requirement is to help you. It would benefit you and the organization to select something you are interested in, relates to a possible future job / career field, and could be something you commit to for more than 10 hours. Select something you like!
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