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Registration Form for The Good People of Languedoc
November 7. - 10. 2023
Thursday afternoon till Sunday morning

A brief description of the game and character bios can be found on our website

As alcohol is served in a limited amount during the game, it is restricted to ages 18 and above. Thank you for your understanding.

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Email *
Surname *
Given name *
Gender of the character *
Nickname (if you use one)
We use FaceBook a lot to facilitate fast communication. If you are comfortable with this kind of connection, please share your FaceBook name here.
Phone number *
Date of birth *
Do you have any specific dietary needs?
We can arrange a vegetarian diet, a gluten-free diet and diets for those who suffer from food allergies. We can't arrange other special diets and vegan diet.
Type of housing *
Prefered character archetype
If you can think of a literary or movie character archetype you would enjoy playing, please let us know (you can list more options). We can't guarantee that we will give you precisely what you want but it will help us with character pre-selections which we will offer to you. We will try to get as close to your preference as possible. If you don't know what to write here, you can skip it.
Prefered character in the game
An optional question. Sometimes the prospective players have an idea about the characters in the game and they want to play a specific character. If you want to play a specific character, please let us know and please try to explain what you find attractive about this character. It will help us to propose interesting alternative options if there are multiple players competing for the same character.
Achievements-focused character 1 YES 5 NO *
Some roles are more focused on "earning achievements and completing quests", i.e. these are better for players that want to "win the game". Then there are roles for people who like to "serve other players", who are willing to lose and their main focus is their own experience as well as the experience of other players. The Good People of Languedoc is a game more suited for players who prefer immersive games but that doesn't mean we don't have any roles for those who are focused on achievements in the game. What type of characters do you prefer?
I prefer character that is focused on achievements
I am willing to play a character that "plays to lose" and focuses on experience
Scripted game - 1 heavily 5 lightly *
Some characters are more heavily scripted than others. Heavily scripted characters will have a lot to play but the downside is that they will sometimes be in a situation when they will have very little choice in what to do next. Such characters will simply have more responsibility (these are typically roles of nobles in the game but there are also others). Less heavily scripted characters have more freedom to shape their game experience themselves but not everyone enjoys such freedom and some may get bored.
I prefer heavily scripted game
I prefer a character with a lot of freedom
Social strata *
The Good People of Languedoc cover the whole social ladder, starting from beggars to the highest nobility and the most powerful. Some characters start at the top of the social ladder, while others may experience the struggle to get on the top. What would you prefer?
A character that is on the top but can lose a lot
A character that can get to the top based on merit.
Do you want to experience romance? *
Romantic stories, unrequited love, love triangles and such.
Yes, I enjoy romance
As little as possible
Do you want to experience more complex relationships? *
We don't mean romantic relationships, we are referring to various complex family relationships, betrayal, hatred towards certain people, etc.
Yes, I want the game to be very emotive
As little as possible, no complex relationships
Fighting and brawling *
Some characters can get into physical or armed conflicts, some have no chance of that happening.
I want fighting and brawling
No fights
Do you want to be in a position of authority? *
Yes, I want to command people
No, I prefer following orders
Do you want a morally strong character? *
I want a real moral paragon, "lawful good"
I enjoy playing villains
Diplomacy and scheming *
I love scheming, plotting and diplomacy
I would prefer to avoid intrigue and diplomacy
Religion and mysticism
How strongly religious should your character be? The game works a lot wtih religion and mysticism, do you want to experience such topics in the game?
I want a strongly religious character
I want a character that is mostly indifferent to topics of religion
Clear selection
Do you want to define your belief in the game?
Is it important for you to be either a Cathar or a Catholic?
Clear selection
Are you willing to play two characters? *
There are characters that die in the middle of the game. The player then gets another character for the rest of the game.
Is there anything you DON'T want to see in the biography of your character?
Some of the characters experienced trauma in their past. Please indicate events or situations you don't want to experience in the game or you don't want to have in the biography of your character. It is important for your player safety.
Music *
Some characters in the game represent musicians. Can you play any musical instrument or sing?
I would enjoy playing a musician
No, that would be a disaster
Actors, jugglers and acrobats *
There are characters of actors and acrobats in the game. Their life revolves around music, dance, juggling, story-telling, etc. Would you enjoy playing such character?
Yes, I would love to!
No, nothing of the sort!
Select character types you would find interesting if you had no other choice than listed below (you can select multiple options). *
Which one question is important to you, what are your character selection priorities?
Height in cm
You don't have to answer if you have your own costume
Clothing Size
If you have your own suitable costume, you don't have to answer.
Do you want to let us know anything specific we have forgotten to ask about?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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