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Welcome to the 2017 LGP Camp Registration Form! We're so glad you've decided to attend this year's LGP camp. Please fill out all of the answers on this form and click submit at the end. Your form will not be processed until we receive payment along with the Health Form and Release and Hold Harassment Agreement. Thanks!

Please send payments to: Lutheran Girl Pioneers
W10376 Buttercup Lane
Wautoma, WI 54982

If you have any questions, please contact the Camp Directors -

Hope Carr
Phone: 414-477-8180

Shannon Carr
Phone: 414-344-8274

Email address
Camp Dates: July 30-August 5, 2017
Cost: $200.00 per Camper (Non-LGP Member $225.00) or $100.00 per Junior Leader
Location: Camp Bird in Crivitz, WI
Theme: “Fruits of the Spirit"
Bible passage: Galatians 5:22-25 – “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control… If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.
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Below are the classes that will be offered at this year's camp along with a short description. Please choose each class below in the order of interest. Do not choose the same class twice. Thank you!

Archery - learn and practice shooting a bow and arrow
Basketweaving 1 - basic art of making reed baskets (Must be at least 11 years old)
Basketweaving 2- More advanced basket with handle for campers who have completed basketweaving 1
Basketweaving 3 - for campers who have completed both 1 & 2
Biblical Journaling- In this class we'll explore how to get more out of our bible reading. As we look at parts of scripture, we'll journal our thoughts, write down other related biblical concepts and write prayers. Participants may choose to write devotions, too.
Camping and Outdoors (S/A)- Meets special achievement requirements
Canoeing (S/A)- Will meet most of the special achievement requirements
Canvas Painting - paint a predetermined picture using common painting techniques
Cardmaking - make a set of coordinating cards for all occasions
Crocheting- Learn how to make a dish cloth or a scarf
Dance- Learn 3-4 different styles of dance throughout the week
Disney DIY- Disney based crafts
Drama (S/A)- A class about acting, singing, and dancing. Will meet most of the special achievement requirements
Expressions- This class will group together sharing who "you" are, the goals you have for your life and making good relationship and life choices. Discuss your hopes and dreams through stories, discussions, and art projects
Embroidery- Learn how to embroider a design on to a pillow case and dish towel
Fishing - enjoy a relaxing time fishing down by the lake
Jazz Dance- Learn a routine throughout the week
Jewelry Making 1- make various types of jewelry
Jewelry Making 2- More advanced projects for those who have taken Jewelry 1
Nature (S/A)- Meets the special achievement requirements
Music (S/A)- Learn about leading music in church and for your caravan. Get well on your way to completing the requirements for the Music Special Achievement!
Mystery at Camp Bird- This class is for the wanna-be writer! We will explore characterization, plot, and the basics of good storytelling.
Oreos - make a variety of goodies using oreos as the main ingredient
Pamper Yourself- Learn to make homemade bath/body products
Percussion and Rhythm- Make percussion instruments, learn about where they come from, and make music using different rhythms.
Personal Awareness (S/A)-
Photography (S/A) - learn basic photography skills (meets Special Achievement requirements)
Quilting 1 - Make a pillow cover
Quilting 2- Make a bag (For campers who have completed Quilting 1)
Sewing for beginners- Learn how to sew buttons on and other stitches, while making a bag
Tie Dye- Learn a variety of tie dye techniques
Ukulele Class- Learn to play the ukulele! No previous experience required.

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