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AB 1826 Mandatory Organics Recycling (2019)
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Does your organization dispose of four (4) or more cubic yards of waste per week?
Is your facility a multi-family dwelling of five or more (5+) units?
Does your organization dispose of less than one-half (1/2) of cubic yards of organic waste per week?
If you answered "yes" to either question 1 OR 2 and "no" to question 3, please fill out the remainder of this form and return to DER. If you answered "no" to both questions 1 & 2 and "yes" to question 3, stop here and proceed to the last question.
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Which organics do you currently recycle at your place of business? (Check ALL that apply) *Multi-family units must arrange for recycling services for the same material with the exception of food waste and food soiled paper.
The organic materials are.......
Amount Recycled (Provide in tons or pounds and if it is being recycled monthly or yearly)
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The organics are transported/recycled through:
Which organics do you currently separate for composting?
The organics are composted through:
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