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Merriam Favorites
What better way to share Merriam's faves than asking people who already call Merriam home or visit here regularly! Each year, thousands of visitors come to Merriam for leisure activities and events, corporate meetings, sports tournaments, group tours and more. The Visitors Bureau responds to tons of questions about the best place to grab a burger or the coolest park to play frisbee. While we're happy to share our picks, we'd like to include yours too.

Please complete the questions below with your favorite MERRIAM spots and your answer could be featured in the 2017 Merriam Community & Visitors Guide, social media posts or other digital marketing publications.

Thank you for your feedback!

What is your favorite place to eat in Merriam and what should people order? *
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Do you have a favorite Merriam park? Why is it your favorite? *
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If you (or your friends and relatives coming to visit) needed lodging, what Merriam hotel would you recommend and why? *
What is your favorite Merriam event? *
Do you have a favorite place to shop in Merriam? *
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