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TEAM ENTRY: 2018 USA Powerlifting Spartan Open
Team must be a USA Powerlifting registered club. Register your club here:

Team Divisions
Combined Raw Male/Female Team Full Power = $80 (mixed teams must have 3 men and 3 women)
Raw Male Team Full Power = $80
Raw Female Team Full Power = $80

Roster is due by 7am on Saturday February 3rd.

Team Awards – 1st Place Team Awards

Only 1 team entry form is required per team. Team points can be scored in the Women’s Raw, Men’s Raw categories. Each team can have 10 people on the team (minimum 6). Each team scores 6 lifters. You will need to submit your roster by 7am on Saturday before lifting. A lifter entered in multiple divisions will only be allowed to use one score for team points – using the division they scored the most points in. Your best point scorers will be used for your team score, however there must be a minimum of 3 lifters are required in any one division/weight (example: women's raw open full power) before that division is eligible to earn points for a team. Points will be awarded as follows: All Full Power divisions with at least 3 lifters in it:
1st Place = 7 Points
2nd Place = 5 Points
3rd Place = 3 Points
4th Place = 2 Points
5th Place = 1 Point

A single lifter can only score once for their team. If a lifter is in multiple divisions, they will use only their single best score to count towards the team score (must be at least 3 lifters in that division/weight). Tie Breaker: If in the event of a tie the following tiebreakers will be used:
Most 1st place finishes in open full power division, 2nd place finishes etc.
Most 1st place finishes in other scoring full power divisions, 2nd place finishes etc.

If Additional tie breaker is needed: Best average wilks score using same number lifters in each division
If Team A has 3 lifters and Team B has 2 lifters in the Men’s Open Equipped Full Power, the top 2 lifters for each team will be used in average wilks score
The above order will be used if additional divisions are needed to be used.


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