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Callisto Network Priority Queue
To further decentralize the Soy Bridge and the upcoming NFT bridge, Callisto Network aims to establish 21 Masternodes, 11 held by Callisto Enterprise and 10 held by the community.

Note: To be eligible to run a Masternode a minimum collateral is required.

Callisto Network Masternode Minimum Collateral

- 500,000 CLO

- 150,000 CLOE

- 25,000 SOY

As the number of masternodes will be limited, the masternodes will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis from a priority queue established for this purpose.

Priority Queue Rules:

- The rank on the waiting list is based on Callistonian Points.

- The Callistonians points are calculated according to the amount of Callisto Network coins held in the participant’s wallet; Each day, the participants receive 1 Callistonian Point for each Callisto Network (CLO) coin held in their wallet. 

Join The Priority Queue:

Enter your Callisto Network Wallet address in the dedicated field below to join the priority queue. 

The ten top wallets of the priority queue on the 1st December 2022 will be announced and whitelisted in the smart contract and, therefore, will be allowed to run the Callisto Network Masternodes.

ℹ️ More details about the Callisto Network Masternodes can be found here.

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