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Hardyston Middle School: School Climate Survey for Students
We want to know what you think about your school. The answers you give will help the school make changes and make it a better place. Your answers are confidential and you can skip any question you like.

Directions: Please read each question carefully and select the number that most closely fits your opinion. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey.

What grade are you in?
Are you a boy or a girl?
My school is kept clean
I feel safe in the hallways and the bathrooms of school
I feel safe in my classroom
Students at my school help each other when needed
Students in my school are well-behaved
Most students in this school try to talk to another student if they are having a problem with them
Most students in my school treat each other with respect
Students in this school are picked on, made fun of, teased, or called names
Students in this school are bullied
My teachers care about me
My teachers help me do better on my school work
My teachers give me work that is interesting
The homework I get from teachers helps me learn
My teachers make learning interesting
My teachers treat some students better than others
My teachers notice if I have trouble learning something
When I have a problem I know there is some adult I can ask for help
I feel like I am part of this school (like I belong and am welcomed)
Do you know what core behaviors are valued and expected at Hardyston Middle School?
Please provide any comments or suggestions about the RAPPER program, Kindness Shout Outs, and/or Student of the Month.
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What other prizes would you like to see given away for our weekly RAPPER ticket drawing? Current prizes include Laser One, Skylands Ice World, Mama Cee's, Cafe e Dolci, Cupcake Cafe, Medieval Times, and Applebee's.
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Please share any suggestions or comments you have about our school.
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