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Librotraficante Caravan 2017 Application
In the space provided, please answer all questions. The information provided will NOT be shared with anyone outside of the planning committee for the Librotraficate Caravan. Thank you in advance.
1) Name [Last Name, First Name]
2) Occupation/Title
3) Address [Please include Street number, name, city, state and zip code]
4) Phone # [area code + 7 digit number]
5) Can your phone receive texts?
6) Languages Spoken
7) Primary E-mail
8) Secondary E-mail
9) Facebook Handle
10) Twitter Handle
11) Instagram Handle
12) SnapChat Handle
13) Organization Affiliation
14) What is your preferred gender identity?
15) Age?
16) Please state your ethnicity/race
17) What networks, membership, or other affiliations support our personal or professional development?
18) Do you have any specific dietary needs?
19) Would you be able to find or afford accommodations in each caravan city stop as required? (whole week lodging est. at $500)
20) Why do you want to join the Librotraficante Caravan? (4000 characters or less):
21) What TUSD MAS Banned Book(s) do you feel are most needed in Mexican American Studies curriculum? Why?
22) How did you hear about the Librotraficante Caravan?
23) What skills do you bring to the Caravan and its mission? (i.e. videography, poetry, blogging, social media, art skills)
24) Emergency Contact [Name/Relationship]
25) Emergency Contact Number
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