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Public Transport Use In Nottingham
This survey will ask questions of the respondents use of public transport in Nottingham and their reasoning for doing so. It also briefly touches on links to Air Quality.
What is your postcode? *
What mode of transport do you most frequently use to commute? *
Approximately how far is your commute? *
What is your reasoning for your use/lack of use of public transport? *
How satisfied are you with the provision of public transport in your area? (Please tick ONE) *
In 2017, for the first time in 3 years, Nottingham City Transport increased their fares to use public transport. What effect, if any, has this had on your use of public transport? *
How concerned are you about the air quality in Nottingham *
How familiar are you with the Nottingham Air Quality Action Plan? *
The Nottingham Air Quality Action Plan is a council run programme aimed at reducing emissions by improving public transport provision.
Which of these options would be most likely to affect your public transport use? *
If you could change one thing about public transport in Nottingham, what would it be? *
Are you familiar with Clean Air Day in Nottingham? *
If you would like, feel free to leave your email address below in order to get involved with improving Nottingham's air quality.
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