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Join My Rented Unofficial PS4 Server!
If you want to join my rented unofficial PS4 server then please fill out this form. I will contact you on PSN after or you can message me on Discord. You will also be included in my future ARK YouTube videos and livestreams.

Watch my video with the server info here:

Join the discord and read the server rules here:

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Thank you for supporting the server by becoming a patron. Your donations allow me to focus more time on making the servers better for you and providing more events!

You can become a patron and find the patron reward packages here:

Please send me a message on discord letting me know you have become a patron and I will try to deliver your rewards as soon as I can.

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Thanks for completing the form! You're almost registered to play on my server, here's what to do next:
Please make sure to follow the next 2 steps on

(2. Read the rules, 3. join the discord and send me or any Mods a DM message telling us that you have completed this form and read the rules)

You should also subscribe to me on YouTube and follow me on Twitch for updates, videos and livestreams!



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