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Become a Campus Coordinator for Student / Young Pugwash
British Pugwash is the UK arm of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs.

We use the best social and natural science expertise to inform the government and the public about issues relating to Weapons of Mass Destruction – especially nuclear weapons – issues of war and peace, the environment and the social responsibility of scientists.

We have a network of student societies around the UK that promote and participate in our work, called ‘Student / Young Pugwash’ (SYP).

In the areas where we do not have established groups, we would like to appoint 'Campus Coordinators', who will be responsible for Pugwash activity at their university and act as a point of liaison between British Pugwash and the student body.

To apply to be a Campus Coordinator for SYP, please complete the following questions.

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What is your interest in British Pugwash? For example, are there any specialist research / policy areas you follow (eg. nuclear weapons, climate change, robotics)? [300 words max.]
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What skills or experience can you bring to the role? [300 words max.]
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