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We are so excited about Chris' new book launch that we are putting together a select team! Interested in her new book? Can you spare a few minutes? Take the survey below!
Book Description for 'Liaison in Lyudinovo"
Sam Browning is a feisty and romantically jaded young CIA analyst who has uncovered a problem involving one of the Agency’s own. But she doesn’t have the evidence to expose the man she assumes to be a traitor working for the Russian government.

That was six years ago. Now she has what she needs to take the operative down and a skilled team of unique men working alongside her. Can they bring an end to a deadly operation and two high-value targets in defense of the United States? Then this life of government espionage will be behind her. But not before she discovers an unexpected bond with an untrusting, reserved member of the team.

Will this group of men teach Sam the final lesson of her career? Will the end of this case mean the end of Sam’s life? Just how strong can a bond be between those who defend the land of the free?
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