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Rock Steady Farm & Flowers 2019 CSA Sign-Up
Support our farm and sign up for your share today! Your support, not only helps us finance the farm needs in the beginning of the season, when funds are low, but also insures you and your family with fresh, local and sustainably grown produce each and every week during the 2019 season! Please contact Farmer Maggie, at if you have any questions. We do not want to turn people away for lack of funds. If you would like to pay in smaller installments please secure your share with a down payment of $300.

If you are interested in paying with your EBT/SNAP benefit card you can still fill out this form if you would like, but you will can pay per pick-up using your card. No upfront payment required.

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We offer sliding scale share. Additionally, if you would like to pay in installments that is totally fine! Please pay a minimum of $300 to secure your spot. Go ahead and select your share below and mail in a check for $300. We will expect the rest of the share's payment by August 1st, 2019. People can mail pre-dated checks of any amount to us or send them individually.
Select your add on item (s) *A veggie share is required in order to access add ons.
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I understand that in filling out this form will not guarantee a spot in the CSA. Only after receiving payment by check will the sign-up process be complete. Once we receive your payment you will receive a confirmation email from us.
Membership Pledge *
I pledge to pick up my share on the designated pick up day during the allotted time. If I cannot pick up my share, I will make prior arrangements with Rock Steady Farm & Flowers or call a friend to pick it up on my behalf. I allow Rock Steady Farm to donate my share to the local food pantry if I do not pick up my share. I understand that if I can not make the CSA pick-up time I must email or call (917)864 6198 by 9am on Saturday in order for my share to be saved for me. The saved shares will then be in our cooler for pick up anytime until Monday at 2pm.
Community Supported Agriculture Model *
I understand that this is a community supported venture and that, although the farmer is committed to the best of his/her ability to provide high quality produce, there are risks in agriculture which need to be shared by the whole community. "Community Supported Agriculture" comes from the notion that both families and farmers feel fully supported.
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Would you like to donate other services to the farm as a gift or trade?
If so, please let us know! Examples are graphic design for posters, carpentry, outreach for more members, etc.
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