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Dumont Economic Development Survey
This survey is to gauge resident input on our Business Districts and opinion on future revitalization of our Downtown.
Thank you for taking this survey. Please indicate the number of adults you are representing in your household when filling out this survey. *
What are the features of Dumont that attracted you to buy or rent a residence here? Select all that apply. Use the text box in next question to describe OTHER reasons. *
What OTHER features of Dumont attracted you to buy or rent a residence here? Enter “NA” if you have no further information. *
How important is revitalizing the Borough’s business districts to you? *
Not Important
Extremely Important
Which business area in Dumont do you frequent the most? (circle one) *
In connection with the revitalization, which uses or activities would you like to see MORE of? Select all that apply. Use the next question to suggest OTHER ideas or elaborate upon your choices. *
What type of business/industry would you like to see in Dumont? *
What barriers do you find in shopping locally and supporting Dumont business? *
List the strongest assets Dumont has in attracting or encouraging business growth *
Do you support adding more parking downtown? *
Do you support expanded outdoor activity areas (like a weekend farmer’s market or expanded open space at the near the new municipal complex)? *
Do you support more architectural controls that regulate the aesthetics of storefront facades, signage, lighting and landscaping? Use the text box at the end of the survey to provide any suggestions. *
How likely would the availability of additional attractive apartments or townhomes (with appropriate height and parking) blended with retail in downtown Dumont make the downtown area more attractive and energized? *
Not Likely
Highly Likely
How long have you lived in Dumont (total if multiple times)? *
What is you age? *
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