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Department of Architecture Graduate Student Statement on Professor AlSayyad’s Violation of the Faculty Code of Conduct
January 29, 2018, amended February 4, 2018

To: Carol Christ, UC Berkeley Chancellor; Paul Alivisatos, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost; Ben Hermalin, Vice Provost for the Faculty; Jennifer Wolch, Dean of the College of Environmental Design; Teresa Caldeira, Professor and Chair, Department of City and Regional Planning; Tom Buresh, Professor and Chair, Department of Architecture; Daniel Chatman, Professor and Equity Officer, Department of City and Regional Planning; Andrew Shanken, Professor and Equity Officer, Department of Architecture; Sharon Inkelas, Special Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor on Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment. Members of the Academic Senate Committee on Privilege and Tenure: Marianne Constable (Chair), Diliana Angelova, Jennifer A. Chatman, Allen Goldstein, Ian Holmes, John Lie, Laura Nelson, Robert Sharf, Andrea Green Rush, (Executive Director)

In an op-ed published last month in the East Bay Express ("Sexual Violence and Harassment Are at Odds with the University's Mission," December 6, 2017), Chancellor Christ argued our campus “should be one of the leaders” in changing the culture of sexual violence and sexual harassment (SVSH). She wrote:

"One lesson we have learned at UC Berkeley is that it is important to have clear and consistent response procedures when incidents of SVSH occur. Those grappling with negative experiences and considering reporting them need access to a reporting process that is clear and responsive. It is important to hold those who perpetrate harassment and violence responsible for their actions. The adjudication process needs to be reliable and transparent. We, and the University of California more broadly, have made significant progress in this regard in recent years, though there is more work to be done."

In our own department, the Department of Architecture in the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley, our experience of the university’s handling of an ongoing harassment case filed by graduate student Eva Hagberg Fisher in March 2016 has been nearly the opposite of Christ’s description of the the ideal process.

We are especially concerned with the lack of communication from the department, college, and university, with respect to the protection of student-workers and advisees while the investigation process has been ongoing. Under the current process there appears to be no timeline for action once a faculty person has been found in violation of the code of conduct. While we understand that administrators were limited by campus rules at the time, no support was offered to the survivors who came forward. AlSayyad’s advisees have also been placed in a very precarious position, and an additional burden has been placed on departmental faculty to increase their advising load. For years in our department, and especially throughout the long and ongoing disciplinary process, current and prospective students as well as visiting scholars have been in the dark about AlSayyad’s status, perpetuating a culture of ambiguity and professional uncertainty.

Given the findings of the independent investigation commissioned by the University (published by San Francisco Chronicle at, along with his prosecution for violating the Faculty Code of Conduct by his peers in the Academic Senate Committee on Privilege and Tenure, we have produced this letter following the statement issued by graduate students in the Department of City and Regional Planning on November 14, 2016. We want to express our support of their initial call to action and reiterate certain demands that remain unanswered. Focusing on the need for more direct support of students as well as the currently obscure institutional processes and lack of a clear stance by the university, we the students, alumnae and allies of the Department of Architecture demand that the Department, the University and the Academic Senate act without delay on the following:

-- The immediate removal of Nezar AlSayyad from all positions at UC Berkeley given his violation of the Faculty Code of Conduct.
-- Statement of affirmation of the University’s and Department’s values, and severe reprimand and disavowal of his behavior.
-- Statement of commitment to instituting policies and procedures that uphold their duty to protect current students from risk of potential physical and psychological harm from any faculty members under investigation.
-- Statement of apology to past and present students and faculty who have had their career pursuits compromised or derailed in any way due to his behavior over decades.
-- Statement of commitment to supporting the needs of previous and current students who have been victims of his sexual misconduct and psychological abuse.
-- Finally and critically, review and improvement of the sexual misconduct investigation process which, in its current form protects tenured faculty and fails to protect students, is completely non-transparent to students who are vulnerable during the process, and takes far too long.

The undersigned commit to ongoing protest and the rejection of sexual harassment and its culture of impunity.

Eric Peterson, Architecture PhD Student
Desiree Valadares, Architecture, PhD Student
Marianela D’Aprile, Architecture, Alumna, M.S. 2017
Eva Hagberg Fisher, former Architecture PhD Student
Mia Ritzenberg Crary, Architecture Alumna, PhD 2016
Valentina Rozas-Krause, Architecture PhD Student
Alec Stewart, Architecture PhD Student
Emily Jane Rosen, Architecture MS Student
Lai Jing Chu, Architecture PhD Student
Stathis Gerostathopoulos, Architecture PhD Student
Trude Renwick, Architecture PhD Student
Sben Korsh, Architecture Alumnus, M.S. 2016
Michelle Min, Architecture M.S. Student
Ann Dennis, Architecture, Alumna, M.S. 2017
Ettore Santi, Architecture PhD Student
Alexander Benjamin Craghead, Architecture PhD Student
Thomas Oommen, Architecture PhD Student
Michelle Bynum, Architecture M.S. Student
Alberto Sanchez Sanchez, Architecture PhD Student
Kara Plaxa, Architecture M.S. Student
Tania Osorio, Architecture M.S. Student
Laura Belik, Architecture PhD Student
Emily Privot, Architecture Alumna, MArch 2011
Thomas Murdoch, Architecture Alumnus, MArch 2016
Kevin Block, Rhetoric Department, PhD Student
Susanne Cowan, Architecture, Alumna, PhD 2010
Anna Goodman, Architecture, Alumna, PhD 2015
Corey Schnobrich, Architecture Alumnus, M.S. 2012
Zoe Beba, Architecture, MArch 2015
Richard Klaja, Architecture Alumnus, MArch 2015
Avigail Sachs, Architecture, Alumna, PhD 2009
Chris Detjen, Architecture Alumnus, MArch 2017
Kit Elsworth, Architecture Alumnus, MS 2015
Karen Kubey, Architecture Alumna, BA Arch 2002
Alex Spatzier, Architecture, MArch 2016
Lotus Grenier Gleason, Architecture Alumna, MArch 2015
Adam Miller, Architecture, Alumnus, MArch 2016
Nicolas Sowers, Architecture, Alumnus, MArch 2010
Kristen Too, Architecture, Alumna, MArch 2017
Sarah Lopez, Architecture, Alumna, PhD 2011
Betsy Clifton, Architecture, Alumna, MArch 2017
Nicholas Harvey-Cheetham, Architecture, Alumnus, MArch 2017
Keenan Gravier, Architecture, Alumnus, MArch 2017
Isabella Warren-Mohr, Architecture, MArch 2017
John J. Parman, Architecture, MArch 1975
Farid Tamjidi, Architecture BA, 1984
Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong, Practice of Art BA, 2005
Mary Alicia Gibson Architecture Alumna, BA Arch 2002
Jansen Trahan, Media Studies BA, 2015
Rockne Hanish, M.Arch, 2012
John Cary, Architecture Alumnus, MArch 2003
Benjamin Fisher, FAIA MBA 1983
Sara Antunovich, Berkeley Resident
Michael Cohen, Associate Teaching Professor, UCB
Sara Antunovich, Berkeley Resident, since 2011
Byron Go, Concerned Citizen, Vocal Advocate for Transparency
Allen Keith Yee, Architecture, BA 1996
Peter Meuleners, Berkeley Alum, 1977
Alisa Carroll, English
Jason D'Angelo, concerned citizen
Katherine Mintie, History of Art, 2017
Edward Keegan, Architect
Kristi Coulter, Writer
Carmel Maddox, concerned citizen
Mallory Taub, Architecture, Alumna, MS 2013
Ryan Conroy, M.Arch 2018
Alyssa Harley, concerned citizen
Jessica a Sheridan, Architect
Andrew Charles Porter, CEO, WGC Systems LLC
Jessica Melore, concerned citizen
Jessica Melore, concerned citizen
Sidney Hollingsworth, concerned citizen
Liz Greenhill, Writer, Artist
Dana Koster, BA English, 2004
Tanya Marlow, concerned citizen
Sabrina Brennan, San Mateo County Harbor Commissioner & President, Digital Fusion Media
Jason Snell, Artist
Kathleen James-Chakraborty, Architecture faculty member, 1993-2006
Steven Scatina, concerned citizen
Cooper Rogers, Architecture, 2019
Kelsey Cohen, MArch 2019
Philip Michaelson
Jacqui Shine, Ph.D. History, 2017
Conor Cummins, concerned citizen
Marlane Lindi-Cloepfil, #MeToo
Cassandra Adams, Architecture faculty member, 1991-1999
Diana Ruíz, Film & Media PhD Student
Jacqui Shine, PhD History, 2017
Jennifer Cuevas, #MeToo
Connie Cagampang, MArch 1996
Yasir Hameed, Alumni, Master of City Planning, 2016
J. Hulett Jones, Architect and Principal at jones | haydu, employer of UC graduates
Robert Shepherd, adjunct 2003-2013
Lance Desouzaberg, 1996
Brooke Candrian, Architecture, Alumnus, MArch 2016
Lydia Lee, architecture writer
J.P. Pierce, concerned citizen
Terezia Nemeth/ MArch 1987, BA in Arch 1983
Raty Syka, Folklore Master's Program
Erin Greer, PhD candidate in English
Janet Torres, PhD Candidate LAEP
Kavitha Iyengar, PhD Jurisprudence and Social Policy
Heather Hood, MArch, MCP 1997
Brenda Zhang (Bz), MArch/MCP Student
Jordan Miodownik, MArch, 2019
Eiji Jimbo, Architecture, MArch/MLA 2019
Alisa Nadolishny, M.Arch 2018
Eli Kaplan, MCP, 2019
Sonrisa Cooper, MCP 2018
Lauren Linde, MPH + MCP Student
Aline Tanielian, MCP 2019
Julieth Ortiz, 2018 MCP/MLAEP Candidate
Lee Kuhn, MArch, 2018
Libby Nachman, MCP student, 2019
Thomas Omolo, MCP, MPH, 2019
Scott Chilberg, MCP 2018
Jeanne Alnot, MArch, 2019
JM Kay, MArch 2020
Rebecca Coleman, MCP 2018
Stella Yip, MCP, MS 2018
Anup Tapase, MCP 2018
Echo Bergquist, MCP 2018
Emily Gallivan, MArch 2018
Bianca Doerschlag, MArch, 2019
Henry Brazer, M.Arch 2019
Julia Branco/MCP, 2019
Eshetu Feleke, MArch, 2019
Abigail Brown, MCP, 2019
Anna Cash, MCP 2018
Justine Marcus, MCP/MPH 2019
Allison Quach, MCP 2019
Samuel M Giffin, MCP, Class of 2019
Julie Mendel, MCP 2019
Jesse Brown, MCP, 2019
Jessie Wesley MCP 2019
Jordan Cayanan, MArch, 2019
Kristin DeMarco, MArch 2019
Athena Do, MArch, 2020
Lucy Stephenson, MCP 2018
Sean Doocy, MCP 2018
Dorry Funaki, MCP 2019
Ellen Plane, MCP/MLA, 2019
Audrey Lieberworth, MCP 2019
Olivia Benowitz, PhD Candidate, History
Lisa Herron, MCP/MPH, 2018
Jamie Albrecht, MCP 2019
Matt Turlock, MArch, 2019
Brooke Staton, MCP/MPH 2017
Deborah Wood, PhD Student, History
Kate Beck MCP/MPH, 2018
Melisa Krnjaic, MCP, 2019
Katherine Lo, MArch, 2020
Alex Bush, PhD Candidate, Film & Media Studies
Fiona Ruddy, MCP/MPH 2018
Adam Weiss, MArch, 2020
Matthew Palmquist, MArch, 2019
Jared Nolan, MCP 2019
Anya Riddell-Kaufman, Architecture BA, 2014

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