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Hi Guys, VN Bride Fanpage happy to meet you.
Let We know about you (You need to find the good wife, the lady need to find the good husband too). And send us some your photos in email:
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OK, Let tell The Ladies about you. Please give in detail as more as you can. (Attract lecture like a good marketing plan)
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Tell us about match Lady you like(Height/W, Educated, Job, english?, something she can do? ..etc) please tell more it can help us find the best partner in your life.
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Why do you want to find a Vietnamese life partner not a girl in your country? *
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In Asian wedding culture, Groom family had a gift call thank giving birth of bride 's parents. AKA Dowry. How much do you think OK with you?
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How much do you spend for your wedding?
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Based on ability of bride, she can find a job to help family financial. Hw, monthly she needs transfer little money to her parents to care of them. It s gratitude to parents (Because she far from home, even 1 year 1 time visit home) How much she can transfer ?
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I'm not angry at everything that drives me crazy, but when I get upset - be careful
I still feel like angry about the bad things people have done to me in the past
Waiting for someone else to really bother me
I'm easy to get angry.
I often argue with my relatives
Sometimes I lie awake late at night and think about things that make me sad during the day.
When someone said or did something that upset me, I usually did not say anything at the time, but then spent a lot of time thinking the deep answers I had. or should say.
I find it hard to forgive those who do wrong with me.
I am angry with myself when I can not control my feelings.
People make me angry when they behave unreasonably or they talk too gossip.
If I feel really upset about something, then I often feel like wanting to be sick, or having a headache, stomach pain.
The people I trusted often disappointed me, which made me feel angry or betrayed
When things do not go my way, I start to get depressed.
I'm so disappointed that I can not get it out of my head.
At times I am so angry that I can not remember what I said or done.
After arguing with somebody, I feel disgusted with myself.
I had a hard time working because of my temper.
When angry, I often say things that make me regret later.
Some people are very upset my temper.
When I'm angry, frustrated or hurt, I comfort myself by eating, drinking, or taking medicine.
When someone makes me angry or disappointed, I want to retaliate.
Sometimes I get angry so I can use violence, beat others, or break things.
Sometimes, I feel so angry that I want to kill people.
Sometimes I feel so hurt and lonely that I want to commit suicide.
I am a very hot-head person and I know I need help to control my anger because it has caused me a lot of trouble.
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