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基督之家第一家2018冬令退修會報名表 Registration Form 2018 HOC1 Winter Retreat
* 每位參加者需提交一次報名表 Submit one response for each participant, click on "submit another response" for additional participants
*18歲以下兒童和青少年請填寫年齡,並註明是否希望與父母同住 Please provide age for kids under 18 years old, and if prefer to stay in same room with parent(s)
* 每個家庭請用同一聯絡人電郵 Use the same contact email for all your family members
* 報名費每人$75. (請在支票上註明“退修會”,投入教會奉獻箱中) Registration fee is $ 75 per person. (Please write "Winter Retreat" on the memo line of your check and put the check into the donation box in the church)
* 報名截止日期:12/24. 退修會總共有150個床位,如果名額已滿,報名將提前截止。Registration deadline: 12/24. The retreat has a quota of 150 people. If the quota is reached, the registration will be closed early.
退修會主題 - 起而行道
English Theme: Break Through
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性别 Gender *
年齡 Age(if < 18 yrs)
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是否與父(母)同住 Stay in same room with parent(s) *
聯絡人電郵 Contact email *
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手機 Cell *
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到達時間 Arrival Time (Day / Time) *
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