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This quick survey is to get a pulse of CS trends and institutional support for Computer Science.

We shall use the term CS broadly to include Computer *and* Information Sciences here. In other words, as long as the unit you are responding for includes a mainstream CS degree. In cases, these are split into different departments, we will include only the CS degree majors data.

The main purpose is to gage the sentiment and reality across the CS departments. To the extent you have a ballpark estimate of the numbers, please use these than trying to get digit-accurate data.

If you have any questions or need more info including access to raw data, please send me an email at
University Name
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Institutional Structure of Computer Science at your university
Please describe if Computer Science is currently in a department, school or college in your university. Since notions school, division, college vary; use the following hierarchy to describe structure regardless of what it is named as: department = smallest academic unit hosting a program; division/school: a unit that may have one or more than one departments and/or schools; college: second highest unit (from the top where top is the entire university)
CS in Engineering?
Is Computer Science part of Engineering (or Applied Sciences) in your university?
Number of Computer and Information Science related units (departments/divisions/colleges) at your university. The objective is to capture the spread of CS and related degrees across a campus. Please be maximally inclusive where CS subjects are part of required course work.
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Seeking Change?
Is there a desire/movement on part of faculty to change the organizational structure of Computer Science as a unit?
Any comments on what you *feel* is the level of institutional support. While a response to this question can be sensitive, you can perhaps give your opinion in a matter that is constructive and respectful even though there is no plan to make this information public beyond the chairs group.
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