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Speaker Application (Student)
The Student Government of Truman State University is so excited to provide students, faculty, and members of our surrounding community the opportunity to give a TEDx talk! We thank you greatly for your interest in applying. First, it’s important to be aware of the specific qualities that define a TEDx talk. TEDx talks showcase well-formed ideas- either a general idea that is new and surprising, or a basic idea with a fresh, compelling argument that challenges the audience’s existing beliefs. The subject of your talk should do one or more of the following: challenge our thinking, shine new light on an old idea, showcase scientific discoveries, explain the artistic process, or develop connections between different subject matters.

Our conference is scheduled for Sunday, November 4, 2018. Applications submitted prior to August 1 will be given priority in the selection process. All applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m on Saturday, September 15.

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General Guidelines
Per TEDx guidelines, you may not be compensated for your talk. Second, you cannot sell anything from the stage. There cannot be any self-promotion or advertising of your business; however, you may mention your business or profession if it is applicable to the talk. Third, a speaker cannot have a political agenda. This excludes advocating for parties, party platforms, or political leaders within your talk. Please limit any political topics to the discussion of problems and solutions to political issues. Fourth, you cannot advocate for any religious beliefs, even from the perspective of rhetoric or “scientific proof.” Your beliefs may be mentioned, but the stage is not yours to promote your religious beliefs or lack thereof. Finally, only researched, reputable science may be used within your TEDx talk. The content within your talk must be credible and may not be based in pseudoscience. If you have any questions concerning whether your talk idea would be considered pseudoscience, or would be outside the realm of any of the above guidelines, please see the link below for more details.
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Major(s) and any Minors
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All TEDx talks must be filmed and uploaded to the TEDx website. Are you willing to have your talk recorded and submitted to TED?
Given that our talks will showcase Truman State University on a world-wide platform, it is critical that each speech is professionally developed. Are you willing to attend two speakers’ workshops and one dress rehearsal prior to the conference? These events will be located on the Truman campus, and transportation expenses will not be provided.
Are you willing to receive professional coaching for your talk from members of the Communications faculty of Truman State University?
What is your proposed name of your talk?
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Please provide a summary of your proposed talk (400-600 words).
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Please describe your experiences that qualify you to speak on this topic (for example, occupations you have held, research you have performed, or other significant life or academic experiences).
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Please elaborate on your public speaking experiences and your comfort level with public speaking.
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Why is your talk particularly important to give in a university setting?
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The theme of our conference is “The Web of Thought.” Please describe how your talk contributes to the interdisciplinarity of our global community.
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