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Reserves Submission Form
This form was created to streamline the reserves process. It enables you to: request materials from Lasell's collection to be placed on reserve, as well as, make a request to order materials for your courses to be placed on reserve.

You will be able to request materials for up to 3 classes at a time. If you teach more than 3 classes, please fill out the form again.


• The materials you place on reserve will be housed behind the circulation desk arranged in alphabetical order by instructor’s last name.

• They will circulate for two hours at a time and may not leave the library.

• Keep in mind that Brennan Library is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to personal items placed on reserve.

Brennan Library does not purchase textbooks, as they are likely to go quickly into new editions and/or stand a very good chance of being replaced (as instructors' choices for their courses) in subsequent semesters.

Materials Accepted / Not Accepted
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