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USG Programming Event Evaluation Form 2019-2020
** Must be completed by 2 WEEKS after an event occurs **

This event evaluation form:
- Provides the opportunity to reflect on events
- Establishes records that can be kept for and by your organization for future years

As a result:
- It is important to give thought to these
- Failure to do so for every event will result in paperwork freeze

The form will automatically send you a copy of your responses upon submitting this form. It is HIGHLY recommended your organization makes copies of your responses and includes it in your Google Drive so your successors can look at them later.
Email address *
For the email address above, please put the email account of your organization.
Name of Organization *
Member Organization (if any)
The name of the member organization whose event you funded.
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Event Name *
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Event Date *
Cosponsors (if any) *
Other groups in PB who contributed (usually financially) in executing this event.
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Estimated Cost *
Put the total amount you included on your paperwork.
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Actual Cost *
Total the amount you spent by looking at your receipts and final invoices.
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Estimated Attendance *
The number you included on your paperwork.
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Actual Attendance *
The number you measured by taking attendance. Pull directly from your records, do not estimate.
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Success of Program *
Least Successful
Most Successful
How did this event contribute to your committee/assembly mission, the USG mission, or the overall University mission? *
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Did any major problems occur in planning or at the actual event? If so, explain how the problems arose and how they were resolved. *
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What are the areas for improvement for this event? *
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What went well that you suggest your successors continue doing if the event were to happen again next year? *
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Would you host this event again? Why or why not? *
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Additional recommendations for next year? *
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