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Genericon XXXII: Cosplay Volunteer Form
Want to see all the cool cosplay events ,interact with cool cosplayers and get some swag? Join our cosplay family!!
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at

Possible duties include:
- Weapons Check
- Cosplay Info
- Cosplay repair
- Server in our Cosplay Cafe
- etc.

Rates for Volunteers Depending on How Much Time You Volunteer:

Every 4 Hours Get $5.00 off Genericon admission badge
8 Hours Get an official Genericon staff or attendee shirt
12 Hours Get a Genericon water bottle
16 Hours Your Genericon badge is free at this point. Also, get a goodie bag filled with tokens of our appreciation
16+ Hours A spot on the Fireside Chat with Baked Beans panel, and a hug from the Director of Operations (optional)

Each reward tier includes all previous tiers.

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