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Matzah and Selling Chametz
For those who want to sell their chametz and/or buy shmura matzah from Chabad of Inwood.

Matzah Orders MUST be in by Wednesday, the 10th of April at 11:59PM

Everyone MUST appoint the Rabbi to sell their chametz by Thursday, the 18th of April at 6PM.

Chametz is "leaven" -- any food that's made of grain and water that have been allowed to ferment and "rise." Bread, cereal, cake, cookies, pizza, pasta, and beer are blatant examples of chametz; but any food that contains grain or grain derivatives can be, and often is, chametz. Practically speaking, any processed food that is not certified "Kosher for Passover" may potentially include chametz ingredients.

Do you want to purchase special shmurah matzah from Chabad of Inwood? How many pounds do you want? Please note that shmurah matzah is used by some people during the entirety of Pesach and by others during the Seders. For more questions, please contact the Rabbi or Rebbetzin at
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Do you appoint Rabbi Herschel to be your emissary (appointee) to sell your chametz on your behalf? *
What is the address(es) or location(s) where your Chametz is located? *
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Place where Chametz is stored (kitchen, bar, pantry, etc.) *
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