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P2PMoon Launchpad Application Form
This application is to be used if you want to list your own coin with us at

Please fill in this form to apply for P2PMoon Launchpad. Please note that the information you provide to us may be made public in the future in accordance with our data protection policy.                    
While we try to process all applications as quickly as possible, please five us at least 48 hours to get back to you. Depending on what stage your project is currently at we may reach out to you for information.
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1. Please provide the name of your Company (the "Company") *
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4. Please provide a one-sentence pitch for your project (the "Project") (e.g. Ripple: enterprise payment settlement network ) *
5. Is the token/coin a security or otherwise a regulated product or instrument under U.S. federal securities law or the laws of any other (non-U.S.) jurisdiction(s)? *
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9. Please provide the project's official website.
10. What is project all about? *
11. What is the main application of the Project? (e.g. cloud computing, file storage, marketplace and anti-counterfeiting, etc)
12. What is the target industry of the project (e.g. finance, healthcare, supply chain, social media and energy, etc) and what is the market size?
13. Who are the target users? (e.g. consumers, service providers, retail investors, professional investors, etc.)
14. What is the long term vision of the project and how do you expect to get there?
15. Is your token/coin live? *
16. Please describe the current development stage of the project. *
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18. Is your coin / token listed in other exchanges today? *
19. What blockchain is your token running on? Is there a blockchain explorer that we can use to check transactions? *
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