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It's people like you that make this event actually happen! Thank you in advance for your work & dedication.
All volunteer positions are refunded admission $10/hr.
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Are you available for group chats over Facebook Messenger?
If so, please give us your profile link. If not, let us know how we can best reach you.
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This year we will be restructuring positions so that you will be working on a particular "team". Check all that you are interested in. It may be possible to be on more than one team :-)
Are you interested in being on the Brave & Safe Team?
If so, we will connect you with our Brave & Safe Coordinator! You will be required to do a short training, and be asked about any previous experience.
If I cannot get my desired shift, it is more important for me to NOT work during: *
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If you are answering "No" please send an email to with your special circumstances.
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