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Suzuki Royal Oak Institute of Music Suzuki Family Group Class Registration

Suzuki Royal Oak Institute of Music 2018-2019 Policies

Tuition and Attendance Policies:
In the event of a mid-year enrollment cancellation due to any reason, families will be charged an enrollment cancellation fee equal to the cost of two additional; private lessons, group classes and elective classes (if they have been registered for). The date of enrollment cancellation is set when the family informs the Director ( of their decision to terminate. If enrollment cancellation occurs after February 3 2019, the enrollment cancellation fee will be two additional private lessons and the remaining yearly tuition for group or elective class tuition. All registration fees are non-refundable.

Make-up private lessons will only be given due to teacher illness, change of teacher’s schedule or school closings due to weather. Make-up private lessons will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. Private lessons may also be switched with other students of equal lesson length with teacher approval. Your private teacher will provide you with a schedule and phone list at the beginning of the year. for all of their students. Group and elective classes cancelled due to school closing or teacher illness will not be made up (except chamber music).

Suzuki Royal Oak families will be informed of school closings via email or the Remind app no later than 7:00 AM. Your private teacher will contact you that morning if they will offer lessons later in the day via Skype/FaceTime or in person. Private lessons not received on a school closing day will be made up at a mutually convenient time. Group and elective classes (except chamber music) will not be made up. 

Tuition payments are due on the 1st of every month. There will be a $10.00 late fee added to all payments made after the 5th of the month. Payments may be made; online (EFT), via mail (check) or at SRO (check). Credit card payments will be available in case of emergencies. SRO was charged over $3600.00 based on the 3% fee. Please contact if you need to charge your tuition. Cash payments will no longer be accepted. There is a charge of $20.00 on all returned checks plus all bank fees charged to SRO for the returned check. SRO may terminate enrollment for students with past due invoices of 3 month or more.

Parent and Student Policies:
Arrive at your lesson five minutes early. Bring all of your materials and instrument to your lesson. Your teacher is not obligated to teach and/or make up the lesson if the instrument is left at home. Enter the studio quietly if the lesson before is still underway. Arrive ten minutes early for group and elective classes. Attendance at all group and elective classes is expected unless there is a school-related activity. This does not include extra-curricular activities. 

Parents need to be with children 12 years old and younger at all times. Do not leave your child unsupervised. You may only enter a room that has a SRO teacher in it. All unoccupied rooms are off-limits unless you have the Director’s permission. SRO is not liable for students outside of the SRO building. Parents, please use care when allowing your child to play outside.

Photographs and video footage of students engaged in classes, lessons, or performance activities may be used for educational and promotional purposes.  To ensure the privacy of children, images will not be identified using full names without written approval from the parent or legal guardian.

SRO is a nut- and latex-free building. Please respect the medical needs of our SRO students. Food is allowed in the lobby / dining area only; food is not allowed in any other classroom.

SRO students may only use cell phones, tablets and laptops with the permission of a SRO Teacher or in case of emergency.
SRO students may not share material on their cell phone, tablet or laptop with another student. SRO teachers may approve sharing of materials after they have viewed them.
SRO students may not photograph or video tape other SRO students on their cell phone, tablet or laptop.
Failure to comply with this policy will result in the termination of that student’s permission to use cell phones, tablets or laptops on SRO property.
Parents: Keep cell phones turned off during lessons and classes.Tablets and laptops may only be used to take lesson notes.

Bullying and harassment are prohibited at Suzuki Royal Oak School of Music, “SRO”.
Bullying is defined as written, verbal or physical conduct that adversely impacts the ability of one or more students of SRO to participate in or benefit from SRO’s programs or activities by placing the student (or students) in reasonable fear of physical harm. This includes conduct that is based on a student’s actual or perceived race, color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion or any other distinguishing characteristics that may be included by the state or local educational agency.
Harassment is defined as written, verbal or physical conduct that adversely impacts the ability of one or more students to participate in or benefit from the school’s programs or activities because the conduct is so severe, persistent or pervasive. This includes conduct that is based on a student’s actual or perceived race, color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion or any other distinguishing characteristics that may be defined by the state or local educational agency.
This policy covers conduct that takes place at SRO, at SRO sponsored functions and activities. This policy also pertains to usage of electronic technology and electronic communication that occurs at SRO, or at SRO sponsored functions and activities.. This policy applies to the entire SRO community, including teachers, administrators, students, parents and volunteers.
This policy will be distributed annually and will also be included in any SRO handbooks and the SRO website.
All allegations of bullying or harassment shall be reported to the Executive Director.  Prior to notification of any parent or guardian regarding any incident of bullying, harassment or cyber-bullying, the Executive Director along with any involved teachers must consider the issue of notification as they would any other relevant decision, considering the health, well-being, and safety of any students involved in the incident.  The Executive Director will also be responsible for investigating the allegation in a timely manner and determining appropriate disciplinary action. The Executive Director will be held accountable for doing everything possible, within reason, to resolve the situation.
Reports may be filed anonymously. However, disciplinary action cannot be taken solely based on an anonymous report. Anonymous reports will be investigated with the same procedure, timeliness and vigor as other reports and disciplinary action can occur based on the results of the investigation.
Students or parents  who file false reports of bullying or harassment will be subject to disciplinary action or termination from the SRO program.
Parental reports alleging bullying or harassment may be filed with the Executive Director or the designated staff member by parents and school volunteers.
It is the responsibility of students or parents  whom observe an act of bullying or harassment to report the bullying or harassment to the principal or the designated staff member.
It is the responsibility of all the SRO staff members to take reasonable measures to prevent bullying and harassment and the staff is obligated to report any such acts that come to their attention.
Retaliation or threats of retaliation meant to intimidate the victim of bullying or harassment or toward those investigating the incident will not be tolerated.
Any allegation of bullying or harassment will be promptly investigated by the Executive Director or a designated staff member. Proper disciplinary action will be taken immediately following the conclusion of the investigation.
Disciplinary actions for bullying and harassment may include, but are not limited to: warnings; counseling; loss of opportunity to participate in SRO activities and termination from the program.   The specific consequences should be consistent, reasonable, fair, age appropriate and match the severity of the incident. If necessary, counseling will be provided for the target and/or the student perpetrating the bullying or harassment.

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