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Veteran Service Dog Applications
Merlin's Kids is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and relies on donations in order to place our service dogs with disabled Veterans, Children and Adults. It takes approximately 1-2 years to evaluate, rehabilitate, train, place and follow up a service dog at a cost of $15,000 - $25,000; consequently, Merlin's Kids must have the best interest of the service dog in mind when placing that service dog with a qualified applicant.

Therefore, Merlin's Kids reserves the right to deny any applicant at any stage of the process in acquiring a Merlin's Kids service dog. We also reserve the right to remove a placed service dog from a recipient for the following reasons which include but are not limited to:

- Abuse
- Neglect
- Lack of Veterinary Care
- Non-participation of on-going and follow up training
- Additionally, all service dogs placed remain the property of Merlin's Kids during the initial 1 year probationary period.

While Merlin's Kids does not anticipate any of the above mentioned problems, we must inform all applicants of these possibilities.

Furthermore, completing an application does not guarantee that the applicant qualifies for or will receive a service dog.

Pre­Application Checklist
Please make sure you understand and can supply all the required information. Your application
is not complete until all is submitted, so please use this checklist to make sure you are ready
before applying. Applications in the “incomplete” status for over 60 days will be archived and
you may need to re­start the process if you miss any steps. We get so many applications and
this is the only efficient way for us to manage the process to best serve everyone and ultimately
shorten the timeline from application to placement of a service dog.

❏ Complete the application and make sure you can answer all questions.
❏ Please understand that a completed application does not ensure you will receive a dog;
it is only the first necessary step in the process.
❏ Medical Provider / Mental Health Provider completes medical information and must be
emailed to us within the allotted 15 days.
❏ Three references
❏ Commitment to fundraise. Donations are tax­deductible (it costs Merlin’s Kids a minimum
of $15,000 for each service dog’s care and training).
❏ Must be able to provide food, veterinary care and pet insurance for your dog.
❏ Review your state’s laws for service dogs and ensure you are comfortable with them (for
example, if your dog will go to school, on the bus, etc per your expectations).
❏ Decide if you will travel to MO or NJ for an evaluation, or wait for an evaluation near you
(will take longer and may require additional funds to be raised).
❏ It takes us 30­-60 calendar days to process an application, please follow up by email in 30 days (not sooner) to ensure all information is
complete and your application is moved into the “Post­Application” status.

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