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Should Catholics have to pay for church weddings?
Claretian Father Greg Kenny writes, "Should we give people the impression that they will be able to receive the sacraments in their church only if they can afford it? It would be much better if we gave people seeking the sacraments a warm welcome instead of a bill."

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1. Churches should charge for services such as weddings and funerals.
2. My parish charges for the following:
3. Churches should only charge for weddings.
4. Weddings are a good way for a parish to bring in money.
5. If a couple spends money on a wedding reception venue, there’s no reason they can’t also pay a church fee.
6. I did not get married in a church because of the cost.
7. My parish relies on money brought in through the celebration of sacraments to balance its budget.
8. Parish members shouldn’t have to pay to celebrate a sacrament in their own parish.
9. Non-members should have to pay to celebrate a sacrament in a parish to which they don’t belong.
10. You should be required to pay for operational fees (vocalists, organists, etc.) but not for the use of the space for the celebration of the sacrament.
11. Fees should be optional donations rather than requirements.
12. I don’t see the problem with a church charging to celebrate sacraments.
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