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Roots to Rise - Naming Poll
The Building Name Committee has come up with 3 names for consideration for the new space, and we'd like community input on which of these names you think is the best choice! Below are the names for your consideration along with the reasoning behind them. This poll will close on July 5th! Thank you!

The Orchards: This name invites people to consider the history of SE 82nd Ave, including the Shiogi family, which owned orchards in Montavilla until the Japanese internment of WWII. Some remnants of original orchards along 82nd continue to exist on the PCC campus. This name also fits within our "Roots to Rise" tree theme and committee members liked both the restorative justice nature of the theme, the multiculturalism, and the symbolism that orchards bear fruit for our community. It also fits well with the building as there will be opportunities for murals and trees in the public plaza.

For more information on the history of the Shiogi family,

The Jade: This name is meaningful to both local residents and business owners who identify with the Jade District and "keeps it simple". This building is at the heart of the District and represents the hardwork and dedication of the community in making this affordable housing and community center a reality. This name also provides a long lasting identifier for the neighborhood and builds community identity in a name chosen by many of its residents.

The Jade Rising: Same reasoning as "The Jade" but includes the action of rising, representing a community standing up, being uplifted, and growing.

What should the new building be named?
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