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Preventing Power Struggles Post Test
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1. People create power struggles when they feel powerless. *
2. All power struggles end in *
3. Responsibity produces *
4. If you frequently get into power struggles with your child, more than likely you are engaging in permissive parenting.
5. Fear is the core of all power struggles. *
6. Children need our presents, not our prescence. *
7. Regular family or class meetings reduce the number of power struggles you have. *
8. Which of these is NOT an assertive command? *
9. When having power struggles with older children, it is important to remember the actual struggle is about *
10. Punishment is the ability to react to a situation in order to place blame or hurt on somebody. *
11. Which one of the following best describes your position? *
12. Which best describes the age groups you work with? *
13. My highest level of education is: *
14. I have the following certification or license: *
15. I am currently employed by the follwoing: *
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