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Along The Boardwalk Designer Application
What is it?
• Along The Boardwalk is an upcoming event, specifically catered towards families.
• We wanted something different, exciting and fun.

When is it?
• It will run on a monthly schedule.
• The start date will be on 12th of each month and will run until the 1st of the next month.
- Set Up Start: 3rd - 10th
- Event Start: 12th
- Event End: 1st of following month.

What can I make?
• December theme ; Winter Wonderland
• The themes are never mandatory. Use it as a suggestion to help give you some inspiration if needed.What items you make, the choice is yours! Be creative but it MUST be family friendly and PG.
• Items allowed are clothes, toys, furniture, shapes, skins, accessories, poses, cosmetics, gachas. Almost anything!
• You must release 1 new items carted to the event, plus 1 or more additional releases / past items.

• Items should be PG, NO adult themes at all!
• All items must be priced 300L or under, unless it is an fatpack.
• Gachas are allowed, but must be 50L or under per play. No more than 20 items, including color variants.
• Must release at least one (1) new items for the event, plus one (1) or more additional releases / past items.
• You ARE allowed to sell your new items AFTER the event are over, in your store or MP, but please no double dipping. (Making it for our event then placing it in anther event)
• You must make item(s) that can be used for all ages. OR a set for baby/toddler and anther for teen/adult.
• No double dipping - do not sell an item you had at anther event.
• High quality products.
• No use of Copyrighted items.
• One booth per brand.

• Sponsor Booth = 500L for 20 prims. These booths are in the middle and is where the sitting area and small 'event' area are. There are only six (6) in total.
• Booth = 300 for 20 prims. The booths are on the outside.

• Application deadline is the 9th of each month.
• There are 6 sponsor booths and 13 regular booths. First come first serve.
• Do NOT pay anyone any linden. You will pay a box when you are accepted into the designer team.
• We are seeking designers from all genres that are creating items for families. Please do not apply if you do not create child-friendly or family-friendly items.
• You ARE allowed to sell your exclusives.

You will be contacted with a confirmation if you are accepted!

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