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Summer School 2021 Registration Form
June 7– July 15, 2021 **NO CLASSES ON FRIDAYS**
No classes July 5-9, 2021
Graduating seniors or credit recovery- no fee
New class credit- class never attempted: $220 per class; Pay through Rev Trak
REGISTRATION: May 1 – June 7 – Contact B.J.Smith or 770-428-2631, ext. 5032

All classes earn ½ Carnegie Unit. No grades for credit accrual will be posted to transcript until all fees are paid in full. All classes will have zoom meetings scheduled 4-5PM with content teachers and teacher office hours nightly from 5-7PM at the Woods-Wilkins Campus at Lemon St. for in-person assistance. Transportation will be available.
Please check with your school counselor to verify the class(es) you need to take in summer school.
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