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2018 GDCTA Youth Council Officer Nominations
Effective January 1, 2018 the GDCTA Youth Committee is now seeking Officers Nominations and Ambassador Applications.
Officer Nominations will be held for the following positions. Officers are required to attend meetings:

President, GDCTA Youth Committee

Vice President, GDCTA Youth Committee

Treasurer, GDCTA Youth Committee

Secretary, GDCTA Youth Committee

Youth Ambassadors are wanted from all locations within the GDCTA Membership area.

Job Descriptions:

Leads monthly meetings; Calls meetings to order and adjourns meetings. Directs & prepares the agenda; Works with Vice President to put calendar together. Required to attend meetings.

Vice President:
Works with President to Lead meetings, prepare agenda and calendar. Replaces President when not available. Required to attend meetings.

Takes meeting minutes. Types minutes and distributes to committee. Takes attendance at meetings. Works with Event/Volunteer Coordinator for promotional materials. Uses GDCTA Youth email to communicate meetings information. Required to attend meetings. Word skills and ability to use email necessary.

Keeps ‘checkbook’ on revenue and expenses of committee. Works with Youth Chair to prepare budget for Youth Committee and educational events. Collects and gives funds to GDCTA Treasurer. Required to attend meetings. Excel skills necessary.

Regional representatives. Represents ALL GDCTA Youth Programs to their local barn and community. Solicits volunteers for fund raising and/or educational activities. Communicates with committee on activities. Participates in membership drive and volunteering. Social media skills necessary. Calls into meetings.

Social Media Coordinator:
Tracks Youth Committee activities and posts on Youth Committee Facebook page and other social media. Participates in membership drive and volunteering. Informs others of our endeavors. Contributes to journalism.

Nomination #1- President, GDCTA Youth Council (FULL NAME)
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Nomination #2- Vice President, GDCTA Youth Council (FULL NAME)
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Nomination #3- Treasurer, GDCTA Youth Council (FULL NAME)
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Nomination #4- Secretary, GDCTA Youth Council (FULL NAME)
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Nomination #5- Social Media Coordinator (FULL NAME)
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Nomination #6- Ambassadors (FULL NAME and COUNTY)
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Which GDCTA Youth Programs have you participated in? *
What other programs would you like to see the GDCTA Youth Council host? *
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Responses must be in by FEBRUARY 28TH
Thank you so much for supporting the GDCTA Youth Council!
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