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Expression of Interest - Organic Farmland
The Organic & Regenerative Investment Co-operative (ORICoop) is interested in preserving land that has a history and legacy of organic or biodynamic farming production.  Land that may adjoin an existing organic farmer, be excess to a farmers needs or nearby to existing organic farmland.  Or the farmer simply wants to step back, with a plan in place for his/her long term legacy.

We are interested to hear from existing experienced organic farmers, keen to explore options for a specific land project, to enable you to grow your existing business, and see your farmland fully utilised for it's highest & best purpose.

Full ORICoop details are

ORICoop is founded on the principles of Co-operative values, preserved organic farmland, real financial returns and local & efficient food production systems.  

The types of land opportunities we consider within these parameters may include:-

* Ongoing part ownership from retiring organic farmer
* Has existing organic certification (or under organic management)
* Of suitable size & viability
* Located in a good regional area (not isolated)
* Have a potential management strategy in mind
* Has suitable infrastructure
* Business has strong resilience & diversity
* Clear business case including historical and future projections
* Budget to assist with cost of preparation of such an investment strategy

This is an ORICoop initiative designed to grow and enhance the organic & biodynamic farming industry. ORICoop does not receive a fee for making introductions to it’s members and we do not recommend or warrant investments. Investors, existing businesses and landholders must make their own evaluation and investigation of the suitability of the arrangements, with full consideration of their own personal and financial circumstances.
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What size is total land area (Ha)?  And what percentage is underdeveloped? (if any)
What is your current business name (facebook or instagram page?)
Why do you think it may be of interest to a potential investor?
Do you have a business case already prepared?    Please summarise briefly....
Do you have already a growth strategy for the business?  Including a transition plan for the coming 5-10 years?
In what capacity are you looking to expand your existing enterprise?
Is the land currently certified organic?  If so, who with?
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What sort of product/produce does the land produce?  And approx what volumes?  
What sort of product/produce could it grow (that you don't currently)?
What do you see as the best opportunity to see this land fully utilised?  And why?
What are the significant limitations of this farmland?
Is there access to water?  What sort of volume?  What level of water security?
Is there a current farm management plan in place?  Would further management be needed?
For what timeframe do you hope this transition could occur?
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What type and size of investment is likely to be required?  
Do you have capacity to invest or to contribute some of the equity funds required?
Are you interested to stay as a part equity owner?  Explain any parameters or limitations?
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