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School Safety Survey (Grades 3-5)
We would like your honest answers. This survey is being used to understand what life is like for you and other students in your school. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON THE SURVEY. All responses are anonymous; this means that no one will know your answers to the questions.
What grade are you in?
Are you a girl or boy?
My school building is clean.
I feel safe at my school.
I feel safe on my way to and from school.
At lunch and recess, teachers or staff go into the hallways and bathrooms to check on students.
If another student was involved in unsafe or dangerous behavior, I would report it.
If I report unsafe or dangerous behavior, I can be sure that the problem will be taken care of.
I know what to do in an emergency when someone tells me what to do. (Code Red, Code Yellow, Code Green)
During the past 30 school days, have you wanted to stay home from school because you were being picked on by someone at school?
Do you have a teacher/administrator you can talk to and report safety/security issues at school.
Do you believe that your identity will be protected if you report a safety/security issue problem at school?
How could we make our school safer?
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