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SEARAC Support Request Form

SEARAC is a national civil rights organization that empowers Cambodian, Laotian, and Vietnamese American communities to create a socially just and equitable society. As representatives of the largest refugee community ever resettled in the United States, SEARAC stands together with other refugee communities, communities of color, and social justice movements in pursuit of social equity.

This advocacy data collection form seeks to compile information of families and community members impacted by detention and deportation. Stories collected will inform and support SEARAC's long-term advocacy efforts to change unjust immigration and detention laws. While we have limited capacity to coordinate individual case advocacy, we encourage impacted community members and their families to consider advocacy to fight their case. SEARAC is available to provide resources to support with community organizing and mobilization, communications/media outreach, and congressional advocacy guidance.

After filling out this form, someone from the SEARAC team will follow up with a phone call to answer additional questions you may have.

NOTE: SEARAC is not a legal service provider and we are unable to give legal guidance on your case. We encourage individuals to seek legal assistance in order to strengthen advocacy around your case.
Background Information
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Immigration History
Details of your immigration story will help SEARAC assess our capacity to support you and resources we can share to help with your case.
What country is ICE seeking to deport you to? *
What age did you enter the U.S? *
Did you enter the U.S. as a refugee? *
Family and Community Background
When making an appeal to ICE for deportation relief consideration, the most powerful arguments are typically rooted in family and childhood history. We often try to make a case that immigrants are deeply involved in their community and support their families. Please share any information you can to help support that argument.
Where in the U.S. did you grow up (city, state)? *
Do you have immediate family members who are U.S. citizens? *
Deportation History
Please tell us more about your current immigration/deportation situation so we can assess the best way to support you.
When were you ordered deported (month and year)? *
Are you currently in detention? *
If you are in detention, when were you detained?
If you are out on an order of supervision, when are you next scheduled to check in with ICE?
Are you being deported for a criminal conviction? *
To your knowledge, what type of crime is ICE trying to deport you for? *
Advocacy - Fighting your deportation
This section will help us understand how we can best plug in if you are already taking steps to advocate for your own release.
Would you be willing to be interviewed by the media on your story? *
Do you authorize SEARAC to use the information shared here to advocate for changes to unjust detention and deportation policies? *
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