2018-19 Honorary Service Award Nominations
The Live Oak PTA is excited to bring the California PTA’s Honorary Service Award Program to our school. The program allows members of our school community to nominate outstanding volunteers (individuals and organizations), teachers, support staff, or parents that have gone above and beyond in their dedication and contributions to our children, our school and our community. These special members of our community provide thousands of hours each year to support Live Oak.

Please be sure to fill out all questions completely so the nomination can be considered. For more information on the Live Oak Honorary Service Awards please visit www.liveoakpta.net/hsa or the FAQs at http://www.liveoakpta.net/hsa/faq. For questions or if additional space is needed to detail the work or contribution of the nominee it can be emailed to hsa@liveoakpta.net.
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Award Nominee's Name
Please provide the first and last name of the Nominee. If the Nominee is a LO Teacher or Staff member, please include their title (eg, Mr. Smith, 5th Grade Teacher). If you are nominating a local business, vendor, or donor please include the owner (or contact persons name) as well as the business name.
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Award Nominee's Email Address
Please provide the nominee's email address and/or phone number.
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Describe the acts/service for which you are nominating this person.
Describe the outstanding or ongoing acts the nominee has done or how he/she has gone above and beyond the call of duty or exceeded expectations.
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Name of the Award for which you're nominating this person.
If you know the name of the award that you are nominating this person to receive (Very Special Person, Honorary Service, Outstanding Teacher, etc.) please indicate it here. If you do not know, you may leave this question blank and the Committee will make this decision. (Information on award types can be found here.)
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