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Unilever Ukraine #ULIP and #UFLP Application Form
#UFLP (Unilever Future Leaders Programme) develops tomorrow’s leaders, today. 2,5-year graduate programme is designed to develop Unilever’s Future Leaders by giving them challenging opportunities that prepare them for business leadership roles. The programme encompasses rotations within and across functions in an accelerated learning environment. UFLP program is for last-year students & recent graduates who are ready to work 40 hours per week.

Selections steps for UFLP program include:
1) On-line application form 2) On-line testing 3) Competency Based Interview 4) Assessment (Discovery) Center

#ULIP (Unilever Leadership Internship Programme) – 3 months internship program for 3-5th year students, 20-hours per week.

Selections steps for ULIP program include:
1) On-line application form 2) On-line testing 3) Phone interview 4) Interview with HR & functional leader in Unilever office

Name Surname *
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Citizenship *
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Why are you interested in this functional area (areas)
Are you working at Unilever at the moment (e.g. internship) *
Have you applied for Unilever internship programs before? If yes, please specify year and month *
How have you found out about internship programs at Unilever?
Are you ready to relocate within Ukraine or to other countries? *
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Bachelor degree: average score
Do you have work experience or volunteering experience? (if yes, please provide details)
Are you a member of youth organisations? (if yes, please provide more details)
Why do you want to join Unilever? *
Why do you think you would be a suitable candidate for internship programs at Unilever? *
What are your major achievements and why? *
Please provide an example of the situation when you've been a leader of the group *
CV (resume) - not obligatory
If you have a CV, please upload it here
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I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, all the information I have provided is true and complete. I agree that false declarations or omissions may disqualify me from the process and may be justification for termination at a later date.
If you have technical difficulties with completing the form, please email:
Please note that you may receive feedback or phone call for interview within 1 month after application
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