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Bristol Together Championships is an annual programme run by Community of Purpose, for primary schools in Bristol and surrounding areas that culminates in a one day football tournament. The unique aspect of this programme is that a school can only enter by twinning with a school serving children from a very different background & forming a joint team. The cost to join the programme is £400 per school which covers the transport to and from sessions, the professional coaches, the tournament day, and t-shirts and trophies for the participants. The school's must select 5 year 5 children to represent their school - and the team must be a mix of both male and female.

How it works:
In the run up to the tournament on 12th June, each school hosts 2 training sessions for their twinned school, where the children are taught by a professional coach. The sessions are built around using the universal language of football to teach a variety of life skills that will build confidence, self awareness, emotional intelligence and help the children develop their existing team work, leadership and communication skills. Helping break down suspicion & stereotypes and build relationships across the racial, ethnic, class & geographical fractures that define the city’s conflict.

At the end of the programme 4 schools are chosen to take part in a trip to Bordeaux supported by the Mayor’s office to expand on the experience and give the children an extra opportunity to put into use the skills they have learnt.

Two schools from Bristol Together Championships 2019.
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