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Describe Practice Of Caste or Subtle/Covert casteism you observed.
On June 30, 2020 the state of California issued an order, "It is unacceptable for workplace conditions and opportunities to be determined by a hereditary social status determined by birth. Employers must be prepared to prevent, remedy, and deter unlawful conduct against workers because of caste."  Now the people who are facing discrimination based on caste is protected by the state order.
To make the order effective the people have to speak out. Ambedkar King Study Circle with other like minded organizations upholding the value of social justice and committed to put an end to all discriminations based on birth taking this initiative to record people’s voices.

Many times, caste practices are subtle and covert in both the workplace and the public places. In workplaces, are you observing that some people from ‘certain castes’ are getting more and easy visibility to the higher management and getting promotions and hikes? Are you seeing a pattern that contractors from ‘certain castes’ getting full-time opportunity?

Someone boast about vegetarianism, might be surprised when you order or have beef in team lunch, declares his/her caste in a discussion, curiously asks about what kind of festivals you celebrate, boast about Vedic tradition, glorify Vedas, comments like reservation(affirmative action) spoiled India, 'these people are lazy', 'these women are like this', social distancing is natural in Hinduism, British introduced caste to divide us, 'we always say namaste and avoid handshake', India is not successful because she gives up her traditional practices  etc etc.
Narration besides the workplace is also welcome.  It can be dance or music or yoga or language or Shloka class. 'My kids are going to a shloka class. They are teaching our history, you know'.
Have you been part of any such conversation? Please share.
We would like to hear/know any subtle/covert casteism you might have experienced in your workplace. Please be open about it, many of us are raising our kids, the next generation here, if you would like to make them better human and provide a safe, discrimination free environment, first step is to acknowledge the problem, without that there won't be any solution at all. So please do share your experiences, which we would be collating and publishing.

Anonymity is completely understood and acceptable. Your narration or description will be published with or without your name as per your preference. If you choose to be anonymous, your information will NOT be shared with anyone without your permission. Ambedkar King Study Circle is FULLY responsible for your privacy.

Please do share this with your friends and acquaintances too.
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