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Introduction to Nose Work- For Never Ever Dogs and Handlers: this class introduces your canine to the fun activity of Nose Work (required as foundation to Nose Work learning;

Introduction to Odor- This class advances your dog's natural scenting and hunting skills to search for a specific essential oil, also known as "target odor" including birch, anise or clove (required for next level of learning-Class;

Continuing Nose Work is for dog/handler teams that have completed Intro to Nose Work and Intro to Odor classes and want to continue Nose Work as a fun activity with their dogs;

Advanced Nose Work is for dog/handler teams that are interested in Nose Work as a sport or competition and includes focus on ORT (Odor Recognition Test), Trial Prep, tactics, advanced handling and off-leash work. The teams will learn to navigate more intricate and challenging training scenarios at all levels;

NW Fullday Saturday - This is a one day class for multiple levels or similar levels with 8-10 students to focus on competition prep no matter what level the team is currently. The tuition for this class is $150.00 from 9 am to 4 pm with 1/2 hour lunch.

Class Tuition: Our classes are $180.00 for 5-6 weeks. We require full payment when class begins. We will have more information available at that time including class waivers, cancellation/refund and class make up policies.

Class Video - Our classes may also include video of student dog teams and video review either during class or as team home work.

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