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PHSSL Expansion Survey
Thanks for taking the time to give your feedback on proposals for expanding the PHSSL State Tournament in 2019-2020. Please answer any questions and feel free to email Ben Edwards or Jeff Byko with questions at and, respectively.

Changes to PHSSL Qualifying Procedures Survey

Rationale: Every year that schools attend the PHSSL tournament, many coaches have students who they believe should be competing in Bloomsburg but aren’t for a myriad of reasons. The following is intended to help both the best and most deserving students qualify to compete at the PHSSL tournament to crown a true state champion in each event.

1. “Lower the Minimum Plan” - Lower the qualifying requirements from 12 to 8 or 10 so districts can take 3 or
4 competitors to states in a given event.

Example: Eight (or 10) students show up for the Prose competition on the day of state qualifiers. The top 3 finishers would go to States in that event where only 2 would go under the current format. The fourth person would be the alternate.

2. “Wild Card Plan” - Each school attending gets to bring one extra student in any event.

Example: Erik, a senior in Informative, has done well all year but has a cold on the day of PHSSL quals and has a judge give him a 6, so he misses the final round. Erik is the most deserving student on the team. This change would allow a coach to select Erik to compete in Informative at the state tournament.

3. “Auto-Qual Plan” - Underclassmen advancing to finals (or quarters in debate) auto-qualify the following year.

Example: Francesca, a sophomore, wins 5th place in Poetry. She can “auto-qualify” to next year’s tournament in Poetry as a junior. Her qualification will not count against her district the following year and she does not need to attend quals to attend States.

4. “FIFA Plan” - Competitive Districts are rewarded based on their past success. Three years of PHSSL data will be analyzed and a committee within the PHSSL Board will decide how to proportionately allocate a number (6-10 per event) across the state. Each district would still receive a minimum of two slots in every event.

Example: District 11 is competitive in Policy Debate, and at least three teams from that district have made state break rounds in each of the last three years. One school is particularly dominant, but there is another school that is competitive locally but can’t seem to break through and get to the PHSSL Tournament even though its teams do compete at the highest level. They are the only two schools that do Policy debate in their district. District 11’s past performance is reviewed by a committee within the PHSSL board, and it is decided that District 11 should receive four qualifying spots in Policy Debate. Both teams from both schools are now able to compete at States.

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