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Call to Australian editors
Take this quick survey to help Wikimedia Australia understand your editing interests and needs so we can use our resources more effectively.

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Are you currently an active editor or organiser in any Wikimedia project?
Which project/s do you work on?
What state/s are you based in?
What are the topics or areas you like to work on in the Wikimedia projects?
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Have you attended a Wikimedia-related event in the last 12 months?
Would you be interested in attending an event in the next 12 months?
What sort of event would you most like to attend?
What are the topics, issues or areas related to Wikipedia that you would like assistance with?
Please list up to three topics, in order of importance (1=most important).
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Is there anything else you'd like to say about Wikimedia projects in Australia?
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Thank you for your responses to this survey, and for your participation in Wikimedia projects. There are a number of ways of engaging with other editors. Are you interested in any of the following? *
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