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Pet Foster Application
Animal Rescue of Carroll, Inc.
1721 East 10th Street
Carroll, IA 51401
Tell us about yourself:
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Complete Address:
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Phone Number:
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Your occupation:
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Spouse's occupation:
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Please list names and ages of all persons in household:
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Describe your residence:
Do you:
If you rent, does your landlord allow pets?
Landlord's Name and Phone Number:
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Name and phone number of a personal reference not related to you.
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Have you ever owned pets before:
Do you have pets now:
If you have pets now what are they?
If you own pets now, how many are spayed/neutered?
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If you own pets now, how many are current on shots?
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Is anyone in the household allergic to animals? If so what kind?
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Some rescue pets are untrained and not housebroken. Are you willing to take a pet like this?
Some rescue pets have behavior/emotional/health issues when come into rescue. Are you prepared to work with the animal and ARC volunteers to rehabilitate any issues?
Do you have reliable transportation
Name and phone number of your present veterinarian. (If you do not currently have pets, please list past veterinarian information)
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Are you aware and prepared to allow at least two weeks, usually more, for this pet to adjust to its new home?
Any other comments:
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All pets must be spayed or neutered and will require vet work as part of the adoption process. Are you willing to help with transportation and after care of the animal when these procedures are schedule?
What are you willing to foster: (check all that apply)
Do you have experience with caring for orphaned animals that may require hand-raising such as bottle feeding?
If you do have experience with orphaned animals, please give examples of experience.
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Are you able and willing to keep this pet separate from your own if needed?
Will this pet be kept:
I certify that the information I have given is true and authorize investigation into all statements made above. I understand that ARC has the right to refuse any request for adoption. In addition, I give permission to ARC and their associate facilities to share information about me that may be obtained during interviews, reference checks, and home visits with other humane organizations.
I/we confirm, acknowledge and agree that when a pet is removed from ARC's control and possession, ARC's responsibility and liability for that pet transfers to me/us as the as the party who is fostering or fostering to adopt. I/we assume control and temporary ownership of the pet upon removal from the shelter. While the pet is under my/our control and in my/our possession, I/we are responsible for any injury and/or damage caused by any act of the pet. *
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