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Seren - Heroic Team - Application
This is the application for Seren's Heroic team.

We're currently considering all DPS applicants.

Raid times are Wednesday and Friday - 21:30 to 23:30 Server time.

Once we have the current tier raid on Heroic farm, we'll consider attempts at Mythic or Glory achievement runs. Alts can be brought on farm runs, providing reasonable attempts to gear them have been made prior.

Required addons are: Weak Auras, Deadly Boss Mods OR Bigwigs, GTFO and Exorsus Raid Tools.

Loot will be done via Lootmaster, which will be either myself or a trusted member of the team, and loot will be called and rolled for. These loot rules are subject to change. Any changes will be announced before they come into effect.

While this is a Heroic team, I expect consistency and preparation from everyone, even myself. Being ready at raid time, signing up in the calendar and turning up are expected. Pots, flasks and food are a must. Runes are at your discretion but will be required on some tricky fights. Failure to follow these simple rules may jeopardise your spot in the team. Invites are likely to go out around 5-10 minutes before raid start.

If you have any questions. Don't hesitate to contact me on Arideen#2753

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